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Written by Hakaya Studio Web Admin   
Saturday, 06 December 2008 14:36

Open Source concept quickly became revolutionary to the IT industry. Tons of free software, source code available and soon service became the point of focus as it is all what matters. Not to forget bye bye to Expensive licenses.

Well, while many of this is true, the story is not that shining!! only few open source projects were able to fullfill that dream...

The problem was always that Open Source software is hard to customize due to many factors:

1) Bad documentation 
2) Simply because the code is written by someone else who you have almost no real access to
3) The code is written in a techology that is not within your knowledge domain

And in many times Open Source Software is not usable due to several reasons:

1) Really bad user interface!
2) No proper installation instructions for a technology that you are not aware of

This caused many open source projects to die rapidly.

Well, Hakaya Studio offers some advances in this regard. Imagine how life of open source users would be if applications implementation is done with Hakaya Studio and then source code of the generated application distributed as an open source project along with its studio file!

By doing that, open source users will enjoy the ability to customize the application definition with hakaya studio to fit thier exact needs. Offcource, Hakaya Studio diagrams are extremely easy to customize and they are in the same time self documenting ! so the user can reference them for development purposes and/or documentation. Not to forget the fact that users can also re-generate the application in a different technology and/or platform?

Wouldn't life be easier this way!!